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Client Testimonials

“When I started with Kirsten I wasn’t sure how she’d be able to help me and my business. The first phone call I told her about several issues affecting my office and the moral in it. Kirsten stated she wasn’t worried at all and we slowly worked through the negative issues at my clinic. She also helped me address the leadership issues. It was like pealing an onion back, one layer at a time. Over 6 months she helped me gain more confidence and empowered me to lead my employees and clinic better than ever before. As we changed to a more positive atmosphere the things she said would happen did. I now have a more positive clinic and have started to enjoy working in my clinic again with a new energy and empowered feeling. I would recommend Kirsten and her Drama Free Work Coaching to any employer.”
Dr. Eric Lambert, Owner
“Before working with Kirsten, my voice was not heard. As a business owner I had a difficult time with staff compliance and expectations. Through her practice building workshops & facilitated conversations we were able to come together as a team and I was able to become the team leader & boss I knew I always could be.
From a personal life coaching point, Kirsten has helped me see what matters and forget about the past and move toward a brighter future.”
“Finding a great coach in the sea of coaches that are out there is a difficult task. Kirsten is one of those great ones. I cannot say enough about the wonderful work she has done with my clients. I get unsolicited rave reviews.”
“Kirsten has so many great qualities it is hard to pick a place to start. As a coach, what makes her special is her wisdom. She brings a larger perspective to her client’s situations that allow the client to detach from the emotions of what they are going through and to see things as they truly are. This is a rare gift and one she has worked hard to obtain. She is a special person and a great coach.”
“Kirsten is a life changer. I met with Kirsten on the recommendation of a friend last spring and I had no idea at the time how important she would become to my business and my future. Kirsten has the God given ability to connect with people and to help them remove the clutter that blocks them from their potential. Kirsten coached me through one of the most important decisions in my life by opening my mind to new ways of thinking about my company and my job. Kirsten is honest and thoughtful but she is not afraid to challenge you and hold you accountable. I would recommend Kirsten to anyone that is serious about getting empowered and taking control of their future.”
Andy Goggins, Owner, Northgate
“Taking on my new job and position was a decision filled with fear. When you entered my life, (by His doing) I knew I was where I was supposed to be at this time in my life. I questioned whether things would ever get straightened out and you reassured me they would. Hard at that time for me to believe. You walked me thru the mess that was created, gave me hope and left me with some excellent tools. Now things are going really smoothly Thanks for all you do, keep up the good job. I believe you are right where you belong helping others regain their fearlessness. Bless you & take care.”
Joelene Beckett, CADC, CPS, PRC, PRT
“Kirsten’s unique ability to clearly and quickly identify roadblocks to success and then provide powerful coaching to break down barriers has made a profound difference for McKinley. She is expert at guiding leaders through the most difficult and pervasive challenges. It is a testament to her abilities that she does so with the constant respect and gratitude of her clients, as well. We consider her to be one of our most trusted advisors.”
“Kirsten’s coaching is transformational. Through tangible action steps implemented after each coaching session, I am not only becoming a more effective leader, but more importantly, a more effective agent for societal change.”
Dr. Susan Youngs

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