Who Is Kirsten E. Ross, MLIR, SPHR?

Tired of feeling that you’ll never get your employees to do what you need? Frustrated with employee bickering and backstabbing and all the customer complaints? Today is your chance to transform that forever.

Kirsten Ross, is known to many as the “Drama Free Queen”.

She’s the Author of “Defeat the Drama” and “From People Problems to Productivity”
and has been featured as an expert for media such as: NBC Nightly News, Fox 2 News, National Public Radio and for publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Working Mother Magazine and Crains.

Kirsten teaches targeted strategies that help leaders generate a clear direction, defeat employee drama and focus their teams on productivity and great service.

Rosemary Batanjski, Business Owner Says: “I had a difficult time with staff compliance and expectations. By implementing Kirsten’s strategies I got my team on board and working well together. Customer service has improved dramatically and our profits are up!”

And, according to Gino Wickman, top selling author of Get a Grip and Traction, “Finding a great coach is a difficult task but Kirsten is one of those great ones.”

For more than 20 years Kirsten has helped leaders generate focused, motivated, teams that work well and produce more.

Proud owner of Focus Forward Coaching, a leading coaching and culture correction firm, she launched her business more than 10 years ago and generated success as a single mom to two young boys.

Kirsten is the undisputed expert on how to move from Resigned, Resentful and Overwhelmed to Focused, Engaged and Empowered.

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Why Is Kirsten Uniquely Qualified To Do The Work That She Does?

One, I am doing the work that I was born to do. I have been accidentally coaching, mentoring and motivating people my entire life. I have innate abilities that allow me to quickly see the junk that stands in the way of my clients being who they were meant to be and doing what they were meant to do.

I also have a strong educational background in the field, a Masters Degree from one of the top Human Resource programs in the country, Michigan State University, and am a Certified Senior Human Resource professional.

Third, but, most importantly, my life and work are walking billboards for what you can do if you use the strategies I teach.

I have faced challenges! I was a stay at home mom in an abusive marriage. I am now a single mom with two young boys.

I have had to work my way back up from devastating verbal abuse to positive thinking, pure tenacity and action with laser focus.

I started my business on the heels of a marriage where I was constantly told I was worthless, where I walked on eggshells daily, where I experienced physical side effects from the stress of the living conditions, where my two boys began to flounder and talk about suicide and engage in self-destructive behavior.

I had to go through the process of self-evaluation to find work that I could be passionate about utilizing my god-given gifts.

I needed to quickly begin making enough money to support myself and two boys. I designed a work-life that allows for flexibility so that I could still help out at the school on occasion and drop my boys off at school and pick them up. We focus on filling our home with love, joy and laughter.

Yes, I have to leave some things undone and just know that they are good enough. Yes, I’m behind on my laundry, but;

I have endured the loneliness, overwhelm and fear of having all of the responsibilities fall on me, have fought my way back to a good healthy sense of self worth, am getting better and better at assertive communication and healthy boundaries focus daily on being the best me, the best mom, the best coach that I can be all without family support in my area I have worked with tenacity and prayer to make it all happen. When I tell my clients that anything is possible and that you CAN find joy where you are today, I know from personal experience!!

I have complete, unwavering conviction that the targeted actions that I teach work!

I am passionate about helping others maneuver the hurdles in their lives to find the joy that they were meant to have, the healthy, loving relationships that they yearn for and the passion-filled work that they were meant to do.