I talk a lot about mission.  You must have a mission.  Make sure your team is fired up about your mission.  But missions can be huge!  How do you know that you are moving towards your mission?  What progress should you make each week; each month; each year?

Whether you are creating a mission for yourself or your business you need to have some measurable goals that you are working towards.  These goals will keep you aligned with your big mission and will give you the opportunity to mark your progress.

I am defining a goal as something that is aligned with your bigger mission, is measurable and has a deadline.  We humans are deadline driven so having that final destination scheduled is key to moving forward with tenacity.

So, create 3 or 4 goals that are measurable, can be achieved within one quarter and are aligned with your mission.


  • A Chiropractic clinic that wants to focus on bringing in more children could set a goal of adding 20 new children per quarter or 4 new children each week.
  • A distributor could work towards a goal of adding 10 new major customers in a quarter.
  • A manufacturing plant may set a goal of lowering work injuries by 3%.

Once you have the goal in place the 3 key steps are:

  • Focus:  Each week, each day or each hour, what must I do to work towards my goal?  In an organization, make sure that every member of the team knows about the goals and is fired up.  Each employee should be asking what can I do right now, today, this week to help reach this goal?
  • Monitor:  Track your results and share them.  Remember, your entire team is helping you get there.  Keep them fired up about the progress you are making.  Or, let them know in advance if you are falling short.  Ask everyone to step up the pace.
  • Celebrate:  Share the excitement.  Celebrate your achievement!  It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant.
      • Play special music,
      • Walk around and shake hands
      • Bring in some pizza,
      • Send everyone a thank you email
      • Do an employee drawing for a prize

    Just do something!  They’ve engaged in your process and put their heart into it.  You couldn’t have done it without their contributions.  Let them know that they are valued!