Tackle the 4 D’s of Discipline Avoidance

Creating the dynamic team of your dreams requires great communication both of expectations and of issues.  Most employees will respond well to correction.  They will appreciate the feedback, take it to heart and make the required changes.

Some employees, however, have no desire to change and will do whatever it takes to remain stuck where […]

Practicing Patience in an Instant Gratification World

I will never forget the day one of my clients exclaimed with utter frustration, “But I’ve already been patient!!” We both looked at each other for the split second that it took for the irony of the comment to kick in and then burst into laughter.

Your Culture is Your Team Machine

I recently conducted a webinar for that gives you insight into why you MUST pay attention to your company culture.
Follow this link to check it out:  Your Culture is Your Team Machine

Does Your Team Even Like Puzzles?

Recently I was working with a client and we got talking about puzzles, believe it or not! We were discussing how he likes to work. He said he likes to have a clear endpoint for a project but the opportunity to be creative in how he gets there. He likes his work to be like a puzzle. It was such a great analogy! I asked if I could use it in an article.

I Don’t Know…Or Do You Know?

“I don’t know.” It’s a phrase we hear a lot and probably say often. It rolls off the tongue with ease when it’s something simple.

“Where are my socks?” I don’t know.
“What is the weather going to be like tomorrow?” I don’t know
“What was the score?” I don’t know
“What should I wear?” I don’t know

When […]

Are You Bored?

Recently, I was at an event and overheard someone talking about how bored they’ve been over the last few months. It really made me stop and think. I absolutely can not remember a time when I have felt bored. I had to stop and think, “what would that be like?”

Are you Monitoring Your Progress?

I talk a lot about mission. You must have a mission. Make sure your team is fired up about your mission. But missions can be huge! How do you know that you are moving towards your mission? What progress should you make each week; each month; each year?

What is Passion and Why is it so Important?

Passion tells you that you are on the right track and keeps you moving towards what is possible. A strong purpose or passion without will or strong self-discipline gets you nowhere. You’re like a race car in park, all the potential to move efficiently but you have no forward momentum.

What Must You Let Go?

As I wrote in a recent article, we create expectations for our lives, of others, of events, that often do not match our actual experiences. It is human nature. But the result is that we spend most of our time in the gap. Sometimes, the gap is so wide it creates a shift in our entire life vision. Or, it should. At times we may continue holding too tight to that original expectation. It dawned on me that if you don’t let go, you can end up spending a life time in that one gap.

What Do You Do in the Gap?

In every relationship, including those at work, we have expectations. We expect others to act a certain way, respond to situations the way we’d like, care about the same things we care about. If you are someone who sets the bar high for yourself, chances are you also set it high for the people you share your work and life with. The problem is