Drama Free Work

Do You Fear the Volcano Effect?

So many of my clients struggle with speaking up when they need to.  And time and time again it comes down to staying quiet out of fear. People in their lives have been loud and angry.  Or, they have had periodic bouts of angry spewing themselves.  The resulting fear of voluminous communication stops them in […]

Tell Them What You Want! It Really Could Be That Simple.

Some of the solutions I help clients through could really be very simple; however, we have this tendency to get in our own way sometimes.  Recently I spent yet another session working with a new client who is frustrated with his team.  “They won’t do what I need them to do.  They are professionals.  They […]

How Do I Stop the Drama without Engaging in it Myself??

I recently conducted a webinar for a large group and had this question come up.  It’s one I hear quite often, actually.  I can answer it simply but realize that execution can be a bit more difficult.  The results are well worth it though, so give it a try. I prescribe to the concept of […]

Your Culture is Your Team Machine

I recently conducted a webinar for Monster.com that gives you insight into why you MUST pay attention to your company culture.
Follow this link to check it out:  Your Culture is Your Team Machine

Team Norms: What are Yours?

A norm is an often unstated rule that governs how people act in a group. New members of a team usually learn the norms through observation or trial and error. These norms can work for your business or against it. Left to their own devices, teams can become toxic, aka drama-filled! An employee arrives in a bad mood. The group norm is to complain and whine about everything. Perfect! He or she fits right in! Even a new employee who starts off with high energy can get sucked in and turn sour.

Leadership Lessons from a Climbing Adventure – Part 4 in a Series

I went rock climbing recently. It was a ball! I used to make time for it consistently and hope to make it more of a priority again.

It’s always fun to revisit an activity like that after years. You find that you have a whole new perspective. I am at a very different place in […]

No Mission? You’ve Got Drama!

Yes, it’s true! I have been preaching it to my clients for years now. You must have a clear mission for your business. Why?