Defeat the Drama, Delight Your Customers
& Improve Your Bottom Line Bootcamp

A Surefire 7 Step System to Get your Team Doing what you Need, Loving what they Do & Directing Focus where it Should Be

You Will Learn To:

1. Gain Clarity about what you sell, how it should feel and why do you do what you do?
2. Generate Actions Aligned with Business Objectives
3. Empower Your Team to take Targeted Action with Tenacity
4. Identify and Remove Barriers to Team Productivity
5. Drive Focused Employee Correction Conversations
6. Hire Well
7. Establish Harmony and Productivity


fist busting through

Bust The 4 D’s of Discipline Avoidance!

Regain Your Power and Transform Your Team!

• Are employee issues and team drama wreaking havoc in your business?
• Do you avoid correction conversations because you fear a negative reaction?
• What behaviors and attitudes are you tolerating that you should not?
• How often are you fixing customer complaints that result from negative employee attitudes or poor performance?