The goal of any good recruiting effort is getting the right person for the right job, not just getting a person in a seat. Your new team members must have the skill sets, yes. But, more importantly, they must have the behaviors and the personality that fits the culture you are working so hard to create. You can train many skills but you can not teach someone to have the right mindset, personality or behaviors.

We will treat your search as if we were a member of your team. Every recruiting assignment is unique. We will screen your candidates based on your organization’s individual needs.

Typical Positions – Our “Sweet Spot”

• Mid-Level Managers
• Office Managers
• Supervisors
• Finance Professionals
• Accounting Professionals
• Marketing – Sales Professionals
• Customer Service Professionals
• Clinic Staff
• Administrative Assistants

“Focus Forward found the right people for my team. It took the burden off me and they were way better at identifying who would be a good fit than I ever could be!” -F. Thompson

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Eric Vogel
Co-Owner, Focus Forward Recruiting