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“Kirsten Ross is an answer to prayer. As the Medical Director of a non profit Pediatric Medical and Rehabilitation Program that reaches out to Children with Disabilities and their families, there is a continual need to be not only a great physician, but a great organizational leader. Kirsten’s coaching is transformational. Through tangible action steps implemented after each coaching session, I am not only becoming a more effective leader, but more importantly, a more effective agent for societal change. Our hospital believes that our Program can become a National Model for how Children with Disabilities and their families can be supported and cared for on their life journeys. Kirsten’s skill in unveiling the ‘best me’, allowing me to ‘lead from the platform’, has me believing that I may just be able to take us there.”
Dr. Susan Youngs, Medical Director
“Thank you so very much for coming out and meeting our staff! The points you shared made an impact. There was quite a bit of “discussion” the next day. The officers and myself decided to have a follow up meeting with the staff based on the points in your presentation and we have already noticed a difference in the attitudes at work. Thank you again!!!!!”
Korienna Guzowski, The Salvation Army Mt. Clemens Citadel
“Kirsten helps you realize that anything is possible and helps you achieve your full potential.”
Dr. Stopa, Owner Main Street Family Chiropractic
“My life coaching experience with Kirsten was extremely helpful and I still use the skills I learned with her. She is a great life coach and I definitely highly recommend her!”
Marie-Helene Roy-Gagnon, Scientist at CHU
“Kirsten has helped resolve many interoffice conflicts and tensions in very quickly. The office runs smooth and more work gets done. She does a great job.”
Nick Tonkin, Director of Corporate Wellness
“Working with Kirsten taught me how to focus on what was important. Listening to her in workshops made me realize I needed to change my focus and my career. Since then I am working on my training as a life coach and have opened a new business.”
Kristina Dukic, Intrinsic Life Coach
“Taking on my new job and position was a decision filled with fear. It would have been so easy to stay in retirement working at occasional contract jobs with them and isolating. Thank God I went over the edge. Than there were the feelings of failure I experienced as things got out of control with the staff . Many nights I considered walking away and by morning I regained the strength to keep on plugging only by the grace of God. When you entered my life, (by His doing) I knew I was where I was supposed to be at this time in my life. I questioned whether things would ever get straightened out and you reassured me they would. Hard at that time for me to believe. You walked me thru the mess that was created, gave me hope and left me with some excellent tools. Now things are going really smoothly Thanks for all you do, keep up the good job. I believe you are right where you belong helping others regain their fearlessness. Bless you & take care.”
Joelene Beckett, CADC, CPS, PRC, PRT
Kirsten is a life changer. I met with Kirsten on the recommendation of a friend last spring and I had no idea at the time how important she would become to my business and my future. Kirsten has the God given ability to connect with people and to help them remove the clutter that blocks them from their potential. Kirsten coached me through one of the most important decisions in my life by opening my mind to new ways of thinking about my company and my job. Kirsten is honest and thoughtful but she is not afraid to challenge you and hold you accountable. I would recommend Kirsten to anyone that is serious about getting empowered and taking control of their future.
Andy Goggins, Owner, Northgate
“Before working with Kirsten, my voice was not heard. As a business owner I had a difficult time with staff compliance and expectations. Through her practice building workshops & facilitated conversations we were able to come together as a team and I was able to become the team leader & boss I knew I always could be. From a personal life coaching point, Kirsten has helped me see what matters and forget about the past and move toward a brighter future.”
Dr. Rosemary Batanjski, Owner Complete Care
“Starting my new business, Kirsten was able to help me with the necessary tools required for human resource management. She produced a human resources manual/compliance log which will help me from the start with my new employees.”
Dr. Milica Dobrich
“When I first began working with Kirsten, I was not satisfied with the things that happened to me. Through her very powerful coaching, I became aware of my choices and also more tuned to those around me. With Kirsten’s’ help I have developed into a more effective leader and a better husband.”
Kevin Shell, VP Sales,Asphalt Specialists, Inc.
“I have been working with Kirsten for over six months now and can’t begin to tell you the countless number of ways our sessions have impacted my life for the better. I LIVE CONSCIOUSLY NOW. I take control of my decisions, I manage my energy, I set appropriate boundaries and communicate them effectively. I am happier and more focused than I’ve ever been. Kirsten’s strategies really DO work!!!”
Leslie Lynn Smith, Director of Major Transactions & Legal Services
“Kirsten was an incredible motivator and more importantly was able to put together training that specifically met our needs in a short amount of time! I was very impressed as were my associates.”
Jamie, Regional Vice President
“Kirsten assisted me in the developing and structure of my Cultural Diversity business and training. She took the time to share with me the various forms of marketing and networking that would be imperative for the success of my company. Kirsten is very knowledgeable and offers excellent business approach strategies. I highly recommend Kirsten for consulting and support services.”
James Friedman, Diversity Consultant
“I had the pleasure to work with Kirsten for 2 years as my professional coach. She is able to core through the noise down to the key issues and guide you to clear decision making processes. She is extremely effective in building teams and strong leaders. I hope to continue to know Kirsten for years to come.”
Karen Walworth, Director of Marketing at Shadow Investigations
“Finding a great coach in the sea of coaches that are out there is a difficult task. Kirsten is one of those great ones. I cannot say enough about the wonderful work she has done with my clients. I get unsolicited rave reviews.”
Gino Wickman, President at EOS Worldwide
“I really enjoyed working with Kirsten, she assisted me in getting my business off the ground and really assisted me in organizing my ideas. I am now armed with the tools to make my business viable and profitable. Thanks.”
Charmaine Fuller, Business Owner
“Kirsten is a true visionary. She brings precise direction and guidance to all projects she is involved with. She has a passion for her work that is refreshing and contagious. I have had the privilege of collaborating with her in many different areas, and I have never felt so inspired!”
Eric Kersanty, Owner Healing Branch, Therapeutic Massage
“Working with Kirsten allowed me to develop new skills and to unleash possibilities within myself. If you put the dedication into the partnership and are open to exploring change within yourself you can emerge from the experience with incredible confidence. Thank you Kirsten Ross for allowing me to see the possibilities.”
Diana L. Kern, Director of BoardConnect

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