I believe that we are all meant to live lives filled with joy and fulfillment; that we have gifts to be used in the service of others.  Finding how to use those gifts and live a life of passion is our innate pursuit.

When you are wired for passion, you are focused on what is most important to you. You want to go to work everyday because you know you are making a difference. Decisions are made easily because you know what you want, and what you don’t. Petty distractions are a thing of the past because your purpose is bigger.

Passion is the fuel that pushes you through challenges, both real and imagined, and allows you to see the world as though anything is possible. It is being who you are meant to be and doing what comes naturally. It’s like allowing water to gain velocity from its natural flow rather than trying to force it up and over an overpass.  

When you are attached to your passion, you know you are on the right track, which naturally provides the tenacity needed. You see only that which you seek to achieve!  Tenacity drives you through the inevitable challenges.  

When I’m working with clients, I often use the analogy of getting your screaming baby strapped into a car seat to illustrate tenacity.  If you have kids, you have experienced tenacity!  When you are putting your child in their car seat, your purpose is to make your baby safe.  Your baby hates to feel confined and wants nothing to do with it.  You cannot reason with a baby or explain your logic so you must just make it happen and there is nothing worse than hearing your baby scream.  It’s so difficult to hurdle the challenge of lovingly strapping them in as they arch away from the confinement and scream with all of their might.  Your tenacity, however, dictates that the car will not move until the child is fully secure.

A strong purpose or passion without will or strong self-discipline gets you nowhere.  You’re like a race car in park, all the potential to move efficiently but you have no forward momentum.

On the other hand, strength of will without clear purpose and you are in constant motion seeking to achieve but in all different directions, more like a bumper car.  

If I am wishy-washy about my desire to reach a goal because I lack the fire of passion I will be easily stopped by any challenge.  I can tell myself that “it doesn’t really matter”, or, “this must be the sign that I am to work on something different.”  It’s also easier to make excuses, “I just didn’t have time for it” or, “other things just seem more interesting.”

Passion tells you that you are on the right track and keeps you moving towards what is possible.

That is the commitment level you want for your business.  You shouldn’t make a move, hire an employee, or add a service, unless it meets your mission, gives you passion.  Passion gives you the fuel and the knowledge that you are on track.

What is driving your decisions now?  Is it your unwavering focus on mission?  Where are you letting those imagined obstacles like fear rob you of tenacity?  Are you living your life as if you’re floating on a lazy river, just bumping along with the flow of what’s around you, or are you grabbing those paddles to accelerate and steer with all of your might?

If you don’t have passion now, you did at one point.  Something drove you through the education required for your profession.  What was your driver then?  You had obstacles and challenges but you did it.  What gave you the tenacity to make it happen?

Find that place again and go there.  It’s the only way to do life!!

If you aren’t sure how to get there, contact me.  It’s what I do!!  [email protected]