Did this title make you feel angry or defensive?  How dare I?  I wonder, though, how often are you telling yourself this very thing?

Maybe not in those exact words but do any of these sound familiar?

  • You can’t get anything right!
  • You are so stupid!
  • You are ugly!
  • Your butt is way too big!
  • You are so lazy!
  • Just give up! You won’t be successful anyway!
  • Everyone else is way better at this than you!
  • You don’t have any original ideas!
  • You are a failure!

Words are powerful!  When we say the same words over and over we start to believe them.  They become our reality.  Are these phrases really the reality you want? You must pay attention to the words that you tell yourself!

If a colleague or friend was speaking to you like this how much time would you spend with them?  What would you say to them?  Why are you doing it to yourself?

Just Stop!

Your action steps for today:

  1. Take out a sheet of paper and divide it in two or open a new Word document and add a table with two columns.
  2. Pay attention to the negative words you say to yourself and collect them on the left column of your paper or table.
  3. Create a new positive phrase to replace each negative self-talk.  Document them in the right column.
  4. Keep your list with you and take control of your thoughts. Every time a negative thought creeps in replace it with the positive one.

Practice this for a few days or a week then take it up a notch.

  1. Speak your positive phrases out loud whenever possible. In the car, in the bathroom when you first get up, before you go to bed.
  2. Post the phrases where you will see them often. In your car, on your dresser, next to your bed, on your bathroom mirror, on your computer screen.

Keep at it! You will reap the rewards of a more positive attitude and way more self-confidence!

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