You are the Worst!

Did this title make you feel angry or defensive?  How dare I?  I wonder, though, how often are you telling yourself this very thing?

Maybe not in those exact words but do any of these sound familiar?

You can’t get anything right!
You are so stupid!
You are ugly!
Your butt is way too big!
You are so lazy!
Just give up! […]

Practicing Patience in an Instant Gratification World

I will never forget the day one of my clients exclaimed with utter frustration, “But I’ve already been patient!!” We both looked at each other for the split second that it took for the irony of the comment to kick in and then burst into laughter.

I Don’t Know…Or Do You Know?

“I don’t know.” It’s a phrase we hear a lot and probably say often. It rolls off the tongue with ease when it’s something simple.

“Where are my socks?” I don’t know.
“What is the weather going to be like tomorrow?” I don’t know
“What was the score?” I don’t know
“What should I wear?” I don’t know

When […]

What is Passion and Why is it so Important?

Passion tells you that you are on the right track and keeps you moving towards what is possible. A strong purpose or passion without will or strong self-discipline gets you nowhere. You’re like a race car in park, all the potential to move efficiently but you have no forward momentum.

No Mission? You’ve Got Drama!

Yes, it’s true! I have been preaching it to my clients for years now. You must have a clear mission for your business. Why?

#4 Key to Success – Balance!

If one area of your life takes over all others you will not live the life of joy that you were meant to live. I believe that success requires us to put time and energy into all of the important areas of our lives.

#3 Key to Success – Have the Right Mindset!

The key to feeling successful is to have the right mindset. Celebrate your achievements and continue to drive forward towards your ultimate goals. You must find a blend between the two.

#2 Key to Success – Tenacity

To achieve success you must be tenacious. You will hit challenges and roadblocks in your pursuit of success. Tenacity will get you over, around and through!

#1 Key to Success – Have a Road Map!

What are the keys to achieving success? #1 Key is you must have a Road Map. Watch this video.

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Procrastination – The Symptom not the Cause

Procrastination is one of those buzz phrases that people use often, sometimes with a negative connotation, other times with a shrug and a laugh like it’s just the way it is and they are powerless to change it. Procrastination, itself, is never the issue though. It’s just the symptom. So, I always help my clients figure out what’s underneath the procrastinating behavior. This is where the real opportunity for change exists.
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