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    Clarifying Conversations: Master the Art of Fact-Based Living

Clarifying Conversations: Master the Art of Fact-Based Living

I recently had the privilege of hearing a presentation by Ron Karr, President of the National Speakers Association.   During his workshop, he had us do an exercise that quickly illustrated why we often have difficulty with our communication.  He gave us a seemingly simple word – race – and asked us to write down 10 […]

Sometimes the Why Just Doesn’t Matter

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with clients who are struggling through challenges with a person who is making poor choices.  Generally the conversation morphs into a guessing game style diagnosis of why:

Why someone isn’t showing up for work on time?
Why the person is so angry?
Why someone has a commitment phobia?

And […]

Are you Blending or Bleeding?

One of my clients was recently struggling to gain control of his schedule. He was constantly handling home tasks during work and work stuff during his nights and weekends. He was trying to make it all fit into the appropriate segment of time but couldn’t make it happen and was feeling frustrated. It suddenly hit me; some of […]

You are the Worst!

Did this title make you feel angry or defensive?  How dare I?  I wonder, though, how often are you telling yourself this very thing?

Maybe not in those exact words but do any of these sound familiar?

You can’t get anything right!
You are so stupid!
You are ugly!
Your butt is way too big!
You are so lazy!
Just give up! […]

Adjust Your Mindset for Great Correction

So many of my clients resist having correction conversations with their team members. And, yes, that’s what I like to call them. Whether you engage in the communication with the aid of a discipline form, a performance improvement plan or have them without documenting anything at all, ultimately, your goal is […]

No More Anger Management!!

So often I encounter teams of leaders who feel they need no assistance with conflict resolution when it is so apparent that they do. “We are not angry. We do not fight. Everything is fine!” The fact that they are not yelling at each other is not the litmus test that determines whether or not […]

Leadership Lessons from a Climbing Adventure Part 1 in a Series

I went rock climbing recently. It was a ball! I used to make time for it consistently and hope to make it more of a priority again. I guess that I must still feel pretty at ease way up the wall because my mind was on more than where I would put my foot or hand next. I couldn’t help but think about how many analogies there are to make between climbing and leadership.

New School Year: Lessons from a Middle Schooler

I watch with amazement as he heads off to Middle School with nothing more than anticipation. Hallways to maneuver, new school, way more kids, lockers and classes to find. His elementary school is nothing more than a fond memory and he is ready to move on. I am so proud of him today!

Will You Be Re-Entering The Workforce?


Thinking About Starting a Work from Home Business or Doing Some Freelance Work?

Here are some things to think about when setting your rates

The first step is to find some local salary information.  You want to be competitive.

Check classifieds to see if salary is listed in any of the ads or search the internet.

For example, I would expect a clerical person to make $25,000 to $35,000, minimally, […]